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The island´s most famous site is the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. The most famous artefact of which is the 2.5-metre marble statue of Nike, now known as the Winged Victory of Samothrace, dating from about 190 BC.
It was discovered in pieces on the island in 1863 by the French archaeologist Charles Champoiseau, and is now in the Louvre in Paris.

A definite must-see for any visitor to the island, this archaeological site rivals that of the Parthenon in Athens.
It’s an example of a truly wonderful and enlightening visit to another time. This is where the famed Nike of Samothraki (now in the Louvre, Paris) was found.

Hora (capital)
Take an afternoon to visit Hora.
It’s definitely worth the effort of walking around the village as the views are lovely from every vantage point. Up above the village, there’s a pine forest also pleasant to walk through.
A quiet village with few (if any) “tourist traps” since it’s even difficult to find any local souvenirs.
There’s also a small museum on the village’s main (winding) road worth checking out.

Kipos Beach
Follow the seaside road up past Therma, the public camping grounds and the Fonias River and you will eventually (after swerving to avoid many goats) end up at Kypo…the end of the road.
Another example of the changeable landscape of Samothraki.
The long “beach” is made up of largish grey stones cut off at one end by imposing cliffs. Inland from the beach, you’ll see one of the most impressive and bizarre dead trees you’re likely to find. There’s a rutted dirt road leading up into the valley and, if you hike it (and it is a hike), you’ll come to a small rivulet of (drinkable) mountain water. One could hypothesize that this rivulet is quite impressive in wet seasons from the stones and rocks which have obviously been carried down from the mountains by it.
Definitely worth a visit.

The Fonias Tower
The Fonias Tower is worth a look at, it is an old watchtower, ( one of a couple the other one being sited at the edge of the “Ancient City” ) The Fonias Tower is by the sea where the Fonias river flows in. It is un-restored and you can’t get inside.

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